Diamond SparklersSparklersWedding sparklersHistoryContactFireworksHow to make sparklersDiamond Sparklers in the News Diamond Sparklers The following compounds are used to manufacture Diamond Gold Sparklers
  • Aluminum Al- 8%
    The most commonly used metal powder fuel to create flash powder and silvery-white sparkling effects in sparklers, gerbs, fountains, waterfalls, etc.

  • Iron Filings Fe- 34%
    The metal filings are one of the oldest sources for "color" in fireworks. Usually linseed oil is mixed with it to coat it and protect it because the filings rust so quickly.

  • Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 - 45%
    A poor green effect as a coloring agent by itself. Boric acid often used with compositions with Al. Sometimes used in flash compositions.

  • Dextrin (C6H10O5)n - 11%
    The most regularly used binder for compositions. Cheap, easy to use and work with, water soluble and holds most formulas together well after drying.

  • Boric Acid H3BO3 - 2%
    This mild acid is used primarily in some compositions containing aluminum to reduce sensitivity.
The above compounds are mixed with water - H20

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