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Diamond Sparkler is the sole remaining operating sparkler manufacturing facility in the United States. During its peak manufacturing season, Diamond's production capabilities reach approximately 800,000 sparklers per day.

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Diamond Sparklers

Add sparkle to your festivities with Diamond Sparklers!

Party favors, cake decorations, a glittering passageway for the bride and groom or guest of honor, a sparkling light-show effect at a wedding, dinner party or reception Diamond Sparklers add pizzazz to any festive occasion.

Diamond Sparklers emit very little smoke or odor and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Diamond Sparklers are extremely safe with correct lighting and handling. As with any combustible material or sharp object, children must be closely supervised when using Diamond Sparklers.

Wedding Sparklers
Not all sparklers are made the same, when using sparklers for weddings we recommend using Gold Sparkler #10. A Quality Gold Diamond 10" sparkler made in the USA. Long Burning, and emits a low amount of smoke and odor.

To maximize your enjoyment, please observe the following lighting and safety tips:

  1. Test your sparkler before your event.
  2. Light out of the wind.
  3. Light one at a time. Never light a bundle at one time.
  4. Light with a lighter that keeps your hand away from the flame, such as a butane or barbecue lighter. Or light one sparkler and then use that sparkler to light the others.
  5. Hold the sparkler horizontally or with the tip slightly lowered when lighting.
  6. Light the sparkler at the tip furthest away from the bare wire handle.
  7. Keep lit sparkler at arm's length, away from the face, body, or clothing of yourself or people nearby.
  8. Do not re-ignite sparkler.
  9. Keep lit sparkler away from flammable materials, such a gasoline, hair spray, or alcohol.
  10. Do not grab the burned or burning portion of a sparkler.
  11. Dispose used sparkler in a bucket of water or sand or on a metal tray. Once cool, the used sparkler wires can be put in the trash.
  12. Above all, enjoy!

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